Clumber church pillaged by thieves

Church members at Clumber were devastated on Tuesday morning to find the historical settler church had been broken into and anything of value stolen.

The church featured in the news in 2017 when members celebrated its 150th anniversary after a year of painstaking restoration. Some of the families who are members trace their lineage back to the 1820 Settlers who first founded the church.

The church building adjoins a once-functioning farm school, which was also restored.

“Both the school and church were broken into,” a dismayed Courteney Bradfield said. “The church door was booted open and both security doors in the school were forced.”

Bradfield said the antique lamp in the porch of the church was stolen and the glass lampshade smashed.

“All the electrical wiring in the church was stripped; even the plug points and switches stolen,” he said.

“The school did not come off lightly either. The generator was stolen as well as cutlery, a gas bottle, a speaker, wheelbarrow and all electrical leads, as well as surplus wiring which our contractor was installing in the school.

“The community has reacted with shock at the wilful destruction and damage to property, especially in a place of worship,” Bradfield said.

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