Another burst pipe leaves residents without water

Residents noticed a water leak in Dickinson Road between Atherstone Road and George Street last Friday. On Saturday night an alert about the leak went up on Talk of the Town’s Facebook group, with the advisory that a pipe had burst and a TLB was required to get to the pipe, and that water would be cut off until repairs are completed.

The leak was reported multiple times by various residents. While Talk of the Town was videoing the leak just after 5pm on Sunday, three municipal workers showed up and turned on a hydrant at the corner of Fairlie Road and Dickinson Road to relieve the pressure and seemed about to attend to the leak.

Anton van Aardt, a resident affected by the water outage, said he had contacted Ndlambe Municipality four times on Sunday, beginning at 9.30am. “Nobody got there until 5pm, they stood looking at the leaking water and left,” he said. Another resident who had reported the leak, Arthur Hinde, said the municipality had told him they would only fix it on Monday.

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