Ndlambe mayor’s bragging rights

Ndlambe mayor Phindile Faxi apologised for being late to last week’s council meeting, but was happy to report he had “bragging rights” over housing.

Mayor Phindile Faxi

“Housing projects that were blocked [to address bulk infrastructural concerns] are now unblocked,” Faxi said.

The projects include new houses to be built in Marselle, Nemato and Thornhill.

“There is movement in that project [Thornhill] where before there were people in the streets protesting,” he said.

On another topic, Faxi said: “In a previous speech I said Port Alfred is over-malled. We need development in the rest of Ndlambe. I had a nice meeting with the Kenton-on-Sea Ratepayers Association about possibilities of a mall in Kenton.”

Faxi said there was also a proposal for a mall in Alexandria. “Standard Bank was going to move out of Alexandria because of low economic activity,” he said.

He also mentioned a proposal for an abattoir which would slaughter 50 cattle a day. “We must grab that opportunity with both hands. It would provide employment,” he said.

“The old market building in Port Alfred is still an eyesore. I appeal to council to take a decision on the building as a possible source of revenue. I’ve asked this before,” Faxi reminded.

“I’ve said it before, councillors need a workshop on revenue enhancement. We are situated between two big metros – we must take advantage of that.”


  1. Mr Faxi states the old market building to be an eyesore and Council needs to make a decision, however we have been trying endlessly since 7th Nov 2018 to arrange a meeting with the Mayor and the Municipal Manager to develop a small scale public aquarium as well as a Maritime and Youth Development Centre there. With private funding, lots of employment opportunities as well as tourism influx!!! So much more.. Just a simple 30 min meeting with the Maritime Cluster Commanders from BMC.. Hettie 0769771068

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