TLU SA declares no trust in government’s land reform report

Agricultural union TLU SA said in a statement yesterday it had noted the presidential advisory panel about land reform and agriculture handing over their report to President Cyril Ramaphosa. 

“TLU SA is sceptical about this report and holds no positive hope regarding its contents,” said Henk van de Graaff, chairperson of TLU SA’s Property Rights Committee.

“TLU SA was given no opportunity to add any input, despite us presenting our plan for sustainable agriculture many years ago. Neither the government nor any of its institutions showed any interest in our plan, probably because its focus is on free market principles,” he said.

TLU SA said the fact that a minority report – also by organised agriculture – was also compiled, because their inputs were not taken up in the final report, strengthened the TLU’s suspicion that the report was simply an echo of government’s socialist viewpoints, without taking into consideration the proposals of the active farming community.

“For this reason, we believe the report will once again be a political ideological document, instead of an economic document with a focus on growth,” the TLU statement said.

“Therefore, TLU SA puts it on record that we will not be bound by any findings or suggestions in the report and that we will react in full on the content once it is officially presented by President Ramaphosa,” Van de Graaff said.

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