Water tankers fill up at hydrants where water is still flowing in the mains

As Port Alfred reached day zero in its water crisis, the flow stopped to the high lying areas first, in Nemato, the East Bank, and Forest Downs and other parts of the West Bank. Municipal water tankers have been filling up from hydrants on the water mains in the CBD and on the West Bank for the past month and carting the water to other areas. The municipality only started delivering water to designated points on the East and West banks on January 4, after some areas had been without water for five days.

Ndlambe Municipality has been using its fire tenders to also collect water from fire hydrants in the Port Alfred CBD for distribution to other areas during the water crisis. High lying areas were the first to have their taps run dry. According to the municipality Day Zero was reached on December 30, when the Sarel Hayward Dam level dropped to less than 6%.

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