Haven takes care of 50+ children


READY FOR PLAY SCHOOL: One of the houses at Jehovah Jireh Haven has been turned into a crèche because one of their priorities is education. The donkeys are also a feature on the property, and loved by the kids

Jehovah Jireh Haven in Alexandria has been operating for more than 20 years, working together with SAPS and the Department of Social Development in helping orphaned and vulnerable children.

A HAPPY, SAFE SPACE: Children love their playground at Jehovah Jireh Haven in Alexandria

Molly Bam, the founder of the haven, said growing up her mother used to take care of other people’s kids, so taking care of the needy is something that is in her blood and she could never give it up.

“We are a haven that operates without any government funding since we opened our doors,” Bam said. “When we first started we had about four children and over the years we have grown and built other houses to accommodate all the kids that are here.

“We take kids that are abandoned by their parents; we take them as young as new-born babies. We have had kids that are even graduates, some of them are working now, some are overseas married with kids. I am even a grandmother to some of their kids and it’s a very nice feeling,” Bam said.

The Bams currently have five houses on their large property that accommodate the children with foster mothers, and they are looking into building another set of eight houses, because they are now looking after 50+ children. In one of their houses they have a preschool for the little ones.

“These kids have taught me to love and I enjoy taking care of them because they have shown me so much love. We are Christians so love is the only thing we preach and teach to them. They are welcome to go back to their families when they are grown but it’s their choice. Some of them have grown so much that they are even working now, we do help them find jobs as well,” Bam said.

If you are interested in donating to the haven, they always welcome any donations, but especially bedding for single beds, children’s clothes and shoes (from birth to 18 years-old), non-perishable food, toiletries, cleaning materials, toys and children’s books and school stationery.

Anyone who is interested in donating can e-mail Anneli Hanstein at hansteina@arena.africa,  or call (046) 624-4356 (Anneli or Mauneen). Donations may be dropped off at our office at 29 Miles Street, Port Alfred.

Talk of the Town will ensure the items are delivered to the Jehovah Jireh Haven.



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