Update on water crisis in Port Alfred

Statement from Ndlambe Municipality

The recent rainfall has been most welcome and has brought some relief to Port Alfred’s water situation.   Water is flowing into the Kowie River weir and is being pumped directly to the water treatment plant, before being distributed for consumption.   At the same time, a portion of water is being pumped into the Sarel Hayward Dam to increase dam levels.  The dam levels are being monitored, but have not yet shown a significant increase.  We request residents to use water sparingly so that we can build up capacity.

Although a water schedule has been drawn up and distributed, allowing each area to receive water every three days, we have been able to pump water throughout Port Alfred and Nemato on a daily basis over the past few days.   This practice will continue, however, if there is a need to build up significant capacity in a specific area, we will revert back to the water schedule.    There is still a challenge in the high lying areas, however this is expected to improve.

A leak was detected at the East Bank dune pumps, and this is presently being attended to.   A fire hydrant has been installed in Seafield to assist with the collection of water to the Port Alfred area when necessary.

A hearing in the urgent application regarding the new RO plant will be commence in the High Court in Grahamstown tomorrow at 9.30am.

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