WATCH | Mom-to-be in lockdown gets surprise ‘drive-by’ baby shower

While family and friends are forced to be apart and special celebrations are put on hold a mother-to-be was overjoyed to be given a surprise “drive-by” baby shower in East London.

After seeing something similar done in the US, Dinika Rooy’s loved ones hosted the “drive-by and drop off” baby shower for the mom-to-be at Buffalo Flats.

The celebration was caught on camera and the video, showing a procession of cars hooting and lined up outside her home on Saturday, has gone viral.

One by one, people got out of their cars and dropped off gifts on her driveway, giving an elbow or ankle greeting before posing for a photograph and then driving off.

All the while, the expectant mom was in tears, blowing kisses and expressing her gratitude to guests.

In just minutes, the ‘shower’ was over.

Unlike traditional baby showers, no games were played or words of wisdom given to the expectant mom. There was no cake or lunch shared among the guests.

Dinika told TimesLIVE that it was a welcome surprise.

“I didn’t know about it. I was sleeping when the people came and my mother woke me up. As soon as I got out, I just saw this convoy of cars,” she said, adding that she was very emotional.

Dinika Rooy poses in front of all the gifts she received during her surprise drive-by and drop-off baby shower. Image: SUPPLIED/ DINIKA ROOY

She was scheduled to have had a baby shower to celebrate the looming birth of her son on April 4 but was forced to cancel it.

“I didn’t think I was going to have a shower any more but I thought perhaps we would have a ‘baby welcome’ shower [after the lockdown],” she said.

While many were moved by the gesture, some were critical.

“Some people have given negative comments that I am not wearing a mask but I didn’t know about it,” she said, adding that she was not prepared for what awaited her outside.

Dinika said everyone who took part in the shower had good intentions.

“Most people are positive and want to do [the same] now. It’s an idea for people to have their kitchen parties and baby showers the same way and they can just correct where we made mistakes,” she said.

Gifts left behind after the baby shower.
Gifts left behind after the baby shower. Image: SUPPLIED/ DINIKA ROOY
Dinika said while she had had a smooth pregnancy, the coronavirus had forced her to change more than just the baby shower plans.

“Most of my birth plan has changed,” she said.

“Now I have to go to my appointments alone. I can’t have someone with me. I am not sure how many people they will allow in when I give birth. I wanted to have a photographer but I don’t think it will happen.”

“So [the virus] does have its negative effects but safety first,” she said, remaining positive.

By Naledi Shange 

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