EC CoVid-19 District breakdown

District breakdown as at 9 May 2020.


  1. We need level 2 now. The government is checking who when people are lockdown? Is our government collecting data? researching or screening people infected by covid19? Is there tracking / follow up records in place? Any psychosocial support for the infected and their families?
    Lots of South Africans are locked outside south africa and are waiting for the borders to be officially opened in order to return back home.
    The government create community based counsellors or group committee as also a process of lifting up of lockdown and lift up the lockdown and stress that people should live responsible.

  2. South Africans are responsible citizens .its up to us to ensure our own safety not government .rules have been put in place to follow. Lockdown only serves to further the agenda of government which is to reboot the economy to entrench BBE due to the collapse of business owned and operated by non blacks .opportunistic this covid 19 .

  3. Please enough it’s enough we need Level 2 we can’t even to run our small businesses because of this lockdown.

  4. We are not out of the danger zone yet.It will be a premature decision to go straight to level 2. Personally I believe there’s a lot of areas who do not even qualify to be in level 4 as yet. Co-Operation is the name of the game and unfortunately,as South Africans we need a lot of learning from most of the Asian and European countries. Our people just don’t want to listen.
    Security at most of the big centra need to step up their game,especially where it comes to crowd control.
    What is so difficult in determining controllable totals to enter any place of business,malls included. Please security,South-Africa depends on you. The police and defence force can’t be everywhere at the same time. Government need to give security companies more credit for this challenging responsibility.
    My suggestion would be that level 3 of lockdown can be implemented in areas that do comply to lockdown regulations and that is not hotspots,before we can even think of level 2.

  5. We mst go back to level 5 cause our people in South Africa dont obey by the rules ppl wlk around with kids babies around in malls ppl are not tested at the entrances of malls how could u ever think of going to level 2 ppl please sit still and think abt your families before u think selfish.

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