Pictures showing town during lockdown

EMPTY FEELING: The view along the Kowie River on Sunday Picture: RB KNOWLES

Sunday afternoon, walking along the riverbank and looking under the iconic Nico Malan Bridge, it is strange, often eirie, when out and about these days.

YOU CAN SEE FOR MILES: Looking along the empty sand at West Beach on Sunday Picture: ROB KNOWLES
ONLY A SHADOW ON THE BEACH: Kelly’s Beach looked desolate without visitors and residents trying to squeeze the last of the warmth from the sun before winter sets in Picture: ROB KNOWLES
Hazy Silence: The Kowie River only reflected the sun’s rays on Sunday Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Normally, on what could possibly be the last warm autumnal weekend before the winter sets in, one would expect to see families picnicking along the banks while boaters wave at them from the vessels on their way further down the Kowie River.

But, because of the national lockdown regulations it was silent, with only the occasional splash as a fish popped its head above the surface of the water. At least the wildlife has as an opportunity to re-exert some hold on areas were they flourished before the humans arrived.

Let us have some of your photographs to describe how life has changed from your perspective.


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