Majority of KZN’s Covid-19 cases are people aged between 25 and 39

A woman walks towards a taxi rank in Durban on her way home. Image: Sandile Ndlovu

The majority of Covid-19 positive people in KwaZulu-Natal are aged between 25 and 39.

Premier Sihle Zikalala made the announcement in Durban on Sunday, highlighting the 3,016 confirmed cases, 61 deaths and 1,378 recoveries in the province to date.

He said female cases continued to dominate, making up 55% of overall cases in the province.

“The proportion of children continue to increase with an increase in female cases. Male cases peak between the ages 25 and 39 years. Female cases peak from 25 and 49 years.”

Zikalala added that eThekwini contributed 82% of the reported deaths in the province, followed by iLembe.

“Male patients dominate the fatalities. The median age for deaths is 66 years,” he said.

iLembe and eThekwini continue to remain the hotspots in the province, with a combined 80% of the total cases.

Zikalala said public hospitals continue to admit more patients than private hospitals in KwaZulu-Natal.

However, more patients admitted to private hospitals required intensive care.

“According to the latest data received, 22% of those patients in ICUs are ventilated.”

He said the province had a total of 327 patients admitted in both private (126) and public (201) hospitals.

He added that a rapid surge in cluster cases was observed after the downgrade to level 3 of the lockdown.

“We have recorded a total of 259 cluster cases — 70 from a tyre company, 120 from a warehouse retailer, 13 from a memorial hospital, 9 from the airport and 47 from a production company.”

By Orrin Singh

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