Update from Ndlambe Municipality Covid-19 Joint Operations Committee

Cases:  The Covid-19 JOC Committee confirms that as at June 27, a total of 36,840 screenings have taken place in Ndlambe.   40 positive Covid-19 cases were recorded – 34 active, 5 recovered and 1 death.   However, there is a delay in recording statistics at district level.   According to Port Alfred Hospital, 287 results are pending, thus we can expect a sharp increase in positive cases over the next 3 – 4 days.   The hospital further confirms that there is an average of between 8 -13 positive results daily from the hospital.

Ndlambe Municipality has been hard hit by Covid-19 with a number of municipal employees testing positive.   Municipal Manager, Rolly Dumezweni, who tested negative, confirmed that essential services will continue, and that the Infrastructure and Community Protection Services directorates are fully operational.  Other departments are operating on minimum staff at present, and a notice to this effect will be communicated.

Clinics continue to be assisted by the municipality in terms of fortnightly sanitising.

Schools:  Four schools in Ndlambe are presently closed due to Covid-19.

Pension / Grant Payments:   Main Street in Port Alfred between van der Riet Street and Campbell street will be closed between 4 -6 July from early morning to approximately 15h00 to facilitate social distancing during pension pay outs.   During this time, all ATM’s will be regularly sanitised.   Extended Public Works payments are scheduled at the Post Office between 16 – 17th July.   Meanwhile, R350 special social grants continue to be paid at the Post Office, thus more foot traffic can be expected in this area.

Communication:   Awareness campaigns continue through the Public Participation Unit’s loud hailing system in all informal settlements.   Regular updates are given on Ndlambe FM and Talk of the Town continues to publish updated information.

Economic Recovery Think Tank:   Collaboration between business and the Municipality continues with the first successful fast tracking of building plans approved.   Rapid assistance was also rendered to a local rehabilitation centre after a dire call for help.

Precautions:   As cases continue to rapidly rise, residents are urged to take responsibility to curb the spread of the virus by washing your hands thoroughly and frequently with soap and water, sanitising, wearing a mask covering both mouth and nose, maintaining social distance and ensuring that common surfaces are sanitised on a regular basis.   If anyone is concerned that they may have symptoms or have been in contact with a person who has tested positive, please phone your doctor,  or go to the hospital or clinic for screening by a health care professional.

The JOC committee is in constant contact via Whats App and meets every Tuesday at 10.00.   As information becomes available, media statements are sent out to Talk of the Town and distributed on social media and the Municipality’s website.

Virtual Exhibition Marketing:   Tourism is taking part in an international virtual exhibition.   We have branded stand complete with video, virtual brochures and image wall.    Visitors to the exhibition can chat live or request info via email.   The exhibition will take place 23 – 24 July 2020.

UbuntuThe role played by the community in assisting vulnerable members of our society is heart-warming, and the Mayor wishes to thank each and every person who has donated money, goods, or their time and expertise in this time of crisis.    We continue to appeal to members of the public to continue to donate to this fund, managed by Sunshine Coast Tourism.   Any queries may be directed to Sandy Birch and Dr. Wouter Hensens.  The banking details for Sunshine Coast Tourism is: First National Bank (FNB). Port Alfred Branch and account number 62310501350. Reference: Covid19.



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