Makana traffic department operating hours

Makana Municipality has announced its traffic department’s office hours as of Monday July 6.

Driving licenses:                                       

Monday to Friday                             8am to 12 noon

The services will be limited to the following:

  • Renewal of driving licenses and the testing of deferred applications will be prioritised, together with the renewal of professional driving permits (PrDP).
  • New driving tests will only be considered within the 3 months expiry of the learner licence.
  • All new applications for learner’s test, including applications for duplicate learner’s licence, will be put on hold until full recovery.
  • All other DLTC services, including conversion of driving licences in terms of section 23 of the NRTA, will be put on hold until full recovery.
  • No new physical LL will be issued to reflect the new expiry date.

Vehicle licensing and registration      

Monday to Friday                             8am to 3pm

The services will be limited to the following:

  • The work to be prioritised will be limited to the registration of vehicles and the renewal of motor vehicle licence discs for vehicles which expired a month prior the implementation of the lockdown up to the month of the termination of the lockdown, on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • New duplicate registration applications will be put on hold until all other pending applications have been cleared.
  • All other services that will not bring financial burden upon vehicle owners will also be on hold until full recovery.
  • Registering Authorities (RAs) to put on notices as to which services will be phased in up until the backlog is being dealt with.
  • Transaction guidelines from the RTMC (Department of Transport) to be followed

RAs are thus kindly requested to be mindful of applicants who were affected by the lockdown by taking into account the provisions and considerations as outlined by the Minister and provide the necessary reprieve as intended by the publications which is not to punish the clients.


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