Local authors, take a bow

This particular area of the Eastern Cape is renowned for producing some of the country’s top artists, whether that be in the performing arts or from musicians to painters, potters, poets and so forth.

But the area also boasts many authors and there are currently three books written by Douglas Sutherland, Sue Gordon and Wendy Barker that are being reviewed by Talk of the Town. These are must-reads for locals as well as anyone wanting to discover more about the adventures of the writers or learn the history of the area or readers who would just like a good laugh.

Writing a book not only takes talent but also courage as the author is letting you know a little about themselves and how they think. So, our hats go off to those with the mettle to have heir work reviewed.

Sutherland’s “Throw off the bowlines” relates to his adventures with his young family aboard the yacht Graucho on its epic four-year journey to exotic lands.

In “Cock Tales on the Kowie” Gordon, in collaboration with Ed Cock, relates the history of the Cock family and how they influenced the founding of the area.

Barker’s “The other side of 80” is intended as a light-hearted view of life after 80 with its ups and down that older readers have found hilarious while younger people perhaps find a little scary.

All three books are available for purchase and should be of interest to those who are currently at home due to lockdown regulations or as a good nighttime read. Reviews will be published over the coming weeks.

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