Teamwork helps to locate local family whose groceries were found

Local detectives from Kenton-on-Sea and Port Alfred came to the rescue in a case of misplaced groceries on Sunday.

Police spokesperson Captain Mali Govender provided the details.

She said on Saturday afternoon, a Harmony Park family contacted Detective Sergeant George Cook of the Kenton-on-Sea SAPS after they noticed that they had two packages of groceries that did not belong them.

“Sergeant Cook contacted his colleagues, Detective Sergeant John Groep of the Port Alfred Detectives and Constable Angelo Frazer of the Port Alfred Commercial Crime Unit. The team managed to trace the store and with the assistance of the manager they were allowed to view the CCTV footage,” Govender said.

“After following several dead ends the team were determined to find and locate the family whose food package was in their care.”

On Sunday at about 11am, they managed to trace the family in Port Alfred.

“The emotional family, who wished to remain anonymous, had given up any hope of locating the essential items of food which was purchased to feed the family for the next couple of days,” Govender said.

“They extended their sincere and heartfelt gratitude to the honest family from Harmony Park and the determined members of the SAPS.”

An emotional family said: “We thought that the groceries were stolen. I did not know how I was going to feed my family for the next couple of days. It was hard earned money. I want to thank the family for their honesty and returning our groceries. Thank you to the police who traced us.”

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