Sky launches camera surveillance system

Sky Security is pleased to announce the launch of a camera surveillance system on Port Alfred’s west bank, to enhance security operations and crime prevention in the area.

IMPROVING SECURITY: One of the first surveillance cameras installed by Sky Security in Southdowns Avenue

The first two cameras were installed in Southdowns Avenue, with a third set to go up in Lambert Road.

“This is a trial run, to see how it goes. It’s a first for us,” Sky owner Louis Oosthuizen said.

The cameras will record footage 24 hours a day and be monitored from the Sky control room.

“They only overlook the street, not any private properties, so no one’s privacy is being infringed,” Oosthuizen assured.

Clients will be able to log onto the system to see footage and can also request any footage from Sky.

“This is free to all Sky clients,” Oosthuizen said.

“If you see a suspicious vehicle going up and down, you can mention this, but obviously we’ll be observing the same footage,” he said.

“We did this for the community. Thanks for the local support.”

Sky also does patrols and guarding, alarm installation, 24-hour monitoring and response. He assured clients that Sky has adequate vehicles for patrol and response in Port Alfred.

“We are on all the chat groups and work closely with the police. We’re not the biggest, but we’re the best,” Oosthuizen said.

“Thanks to SAPS for their assistance and quick response.”

He said Sky responded to all crime alerts, not just to their clients.

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