DA calls on Ndlambe Council to reject QFS payment proposal

The Democratic Alliance in Ndlambe has submitted a motion to council rejecting the proposal to accept reverse osmosis equipment from Quality Filtration Systems (QFS) as repayment for the R20-million paid in advance of an unlawful tender.

DA councillor Phil Kani

The motion, submitted by councillor Phil Kani on Monday, notes that the tender was declared unlawful by Judge Phillip Zilwa and rendered as if it had never existed. It also identifies the fact that QFS have demanded, and Ndlambe have agreed to, a further R10.3-million to pay for the equipment – despite the fact that no services have been provided and no contract exists.

“The DA motion calls on Ndlambe municipality to reject the proposal to accept the equipment in lieu of repaying the monies unlawfully and irregularly paid to QFS,” Kani said in a statement today.

“It moves that no further money be paid to this service provider, and that all avenues (including legal) be aggressively pursued to recover those monies paid to date. Lastly, it demands that council initiate a full investigation into those individuals who authorised the ‘prepayment’ of the R20m to QFS, ahead of any tender contract being signed,” he said.

“The DA believes that any attempt to throw more money to QFS is simply a smokescreen to cover the already illegal activity, and set QFS up as the preferred bidder in the new tender process. It would be unacceptable and unreasonable to expect any other contractor to come in and take over QFS’ problems and equipment.

“The DA will not allow this continued plundering of the public purse.  It is time that the political leadership of the municipality show where they stand on this matter.”

DA Ndlambe to lay charges if reverse osmosis millions are not repaid

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