Mayor’s update on water crisis in Port Alfred

The current water situation in Ndlambe is as follows:


Port Alfred: The Sarel Hayward Dam is presently at 5.3% capacity. Sadly, the recent rains had no impact on water flow to the weir, thus water cannot be pumped from the weir to the Sarel Hayward dam. A water schedule has been introduced and implemented. Central belt boreholes and East Bank dune pumps are still providing water for Port Alfred, however, not at optimal levels due to the drought conditions.

With regard to the 2 megalitre (ML) reverse osmosis (RO) plant planned for Port Alfred, tender documents for the appointment of a contractor closed on October 26 2020. Full processes are being followed, thus the infrastructure department is presently assessing the tenders, before submitting them to a full evaluation committee. Qualifying tenders will thereafter be sent to an adjudication committee. It is expected that the successful contractor will be appointed by mid November.

Bathurst: The Golden Ridge dam is at 25% capacity.

Seafield: The Mount Wellington dam is at 100% capacity. Water is currently being supplied to the area via boreholes on the van Rooyen farm whilst repairs and maintenance takes place at the water treatment plant.

Kenton/Bushman’s: The RO plant, managed by Amatola Water, is not producing optimally. Water levels are, however, monitored on a daily basis. A representative from Amatola was unavailable for comment.

Alexandria: Following an EIA approval, contractors are back on site with regard to the 1ML RO plant at Boknes /Cannon Rocks. Contract 14 is temporarily being used to pump water to Alexandria. Only when the RO plant in Cannon Rocks has been completed, will work commence on the testing of the line to Alexandria.


Way Forward:

A water schedule has been introduced for Port Alfred, and strict water restrictions are in place.

The municipality has approved the purchase of 200 water tanks – these will be used for the high lying areas where water delivery becomes a challenge. Water will be tanked to areas where water cannot be supplied through the reticulation system.

A report is expected from the specialised and independent technical team by next week with regard to possible plans to maximise water production from existing sources.

The joint operations committee (JOC) reconvenes every Wednesday at 10am.



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