Security camera catches moment of impact in Southwell Road accident

Security camera footage of the moments leading up to an accident at the intersection of Southwell Road and Becker Street in Port Alfred on December 1 has been circulated on WhatsApp.

Talk of the Town previously reported on the accident last week, arriving minutes after the collision between a Mercedes-Benz and a Toyota Raider double-cab.

A security camera at a house on the corner of Becker and Southwell captured the crash, showing traffic moving up and down Southwell moments before, then the Toyota approaching Southwell along Becker Street and speeding through the intersection without stopping at the stop sign. A Mercedes travelling towards town hits the tail of the Toyota, sending it somersaulting through the intersection to the other side.

The time on the camera shows the accident took place at 5.46pm.

Car smash on corner of Southwell and Becker