Auction raises R4,400 for animal sanctuary

An auction and matching donation netted a much-needed R4,400 for Retreat to Eden animal sanctuary recently.

The auction was held at Lala Lapa in Kleinemonde and drew only a small gathering.

FOR THE ANIMALS: After a fundraising auction last Friday, Lala Lapa manager Frans Bezuidenhout, left, hands over a cheque for R4,400 to Retreat to Eden founder Johann Wilhelm while winning bidder Suzette Coetzee looks on Picture: JON HOUZET

Retreat to Eden, based in the Southwell area, is a sanctuary for both domestic and farm animals.

Asked to address those present before the auction started, Retreat to Eden founder Johann Wilhelm said most of the donations the sanctuary received were material, like food from restaurants and individuals.

“About 10% of our costs are covered by donations, 90% is from our own pockets. It’s not sustainable,” he said.

“We have to be very careful with veterinary costs. We shop around. There’s a vet in Port Elizabeth who provides veterinary services at cost, so we travel there.”

He thanked everyone who made the auction possible.

“Our arms and legs are the people who make it happen.”

He spoke about three animal heroes at the sanctuary. The first, Hope, is a small mixed-breed dog who had endured terrible abuse.

“She’s a hero because she survived,” Wilhelm said.

“Please mention to your friends that stray dogs are phenomenal pets. Working dogs are more difficult – they can’t be housed just anywhere.”

He said another hero was Khaya, who had been a working dog in the security industry.

“Dogs don’t ask to work, humans put them to work,” Wilhelm said.

He said Khaya should not have been put to work in the security industry. “She had a psychological breakdown. She wouldn’t eat. She licked herself compulsively. She licked a wound the size of my hand on her side.”

After being taken in by Retreat to Eden, he said Khaya had started eating and her wound was healing.

He said a third hero was Lala Lapa owner Herman Louw, who arranged the auction of his own volition.

Lala Lapa manager Frans Bezuidenhout handled the auction of a 20kg free range sheep, cut and packed.

After some lively bidding, the winning bid of R2,200 was by Suzette Coetzee from Seafield.

Louw matched the bid, doubling the amount.


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