President’s Award candidates helping their community

The President’s Award, part of the international Duke of Edinburgh’s award, celebrated 100 years since the birth of its founder and patron, Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh.

With the passing of the Prince earlier this year at the age of 99, Qama Dyakala, the programme manager for the President’s Award for the Eastern Cape had some of his award candidates collect 100 items in honour of the Prince’s birthday, to be distributed to less-resourced schools in the area including Nomsamo Senior Secondary School and Kutasa Combined School.

Helping Dyakala at the dump were two other local President’s Award candidates, Sipho Thweni and Osisipho Mgqisha.

“Thanks to Wanda Madasa, the head girl at Kingswood College, along with her team, for a great collection,” said Dyakala.

With the emphasis on hygiene, surplus items were taken to the Port Alfred dump on Wednesday (Youth Day) to distribute among the youth who live at the dump.

“Unfortunately,” Dyakala said, “the young people did not attend the hand-out. They thought we were canvassing for a political party in the upcoming elections, and they said they weren’t interested.”

However, some young children did receive hygiene products and the food was distributed to the adults who attended.

Later on Wednesday, any remaining items were handed out to members of Neato Change a Life (NCAL).

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