Covid-19 vaccination update from Ndlambe Municipality

There are currently 42 active cases of Covid-19 in Ndlambe (Alexandria – 2; Bathurst – 3; Boknes – 1; Kenton – 2; Kleinemonde – 2; Port Alfred – 29; Station Hill – 1; Cannon Rocks – 2).

The vaccination roll out for the over 60s is continuing at the Port Alfred Hospital, with an average of 178 people being vaccinated per day. So far, 891 people have received their vaccinations.

Priority is being given to people who have received an SMS appointment after registering on the EVDS system. Some walk-ins will be accommodated, but only after all the people who received an SMS requesting them to come for their vaccinations at the Port Alfred Hospital have been vaccinated. Residents are assured that everyone who has registered on the system will receive an SMS giving them the date, time and venue for their vaccinations.

Frequently asked questions:

  • I have registered on the EVDS system, why I have not received an SMS giving me the date, time and venue for my vaccination? Everyone who has registered on the EVDS system and is over 60 will, in time, receive an SMS. There are a limited number of vaccines delivered daily, thus only a certain number of people per day can be accommodated.
  • If I have recovered from Covid-19, am I eligible for a vaccination? If you contracted Covid-19 within the past 3 months, you will not be eligible for a vaccination. If however, you recovered from Covid-19 more than 3 months ago, you are eligible.
  • If I have had the flu vaccine, am I eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine? If you have had a flu vaccination with the past 2 weeks, you are not eligible. However, if you received the flu vaccination more than 2 weeks ago or have not received the flu vaccination you are eligible for a Covid-19 vaccination.
  • Why is Port Alfred Hospital the only vaccination site in Ndlambe? There are only a limited number of vaccines available at present. As more vaccines become available, so more sites will be opened. At present, however, Port Alfred remains the only vaccination site in Ndlambe.
  • Is there another vaccination site I can go to if I am a private patient covered by Medical Aid? You can be vaccinated at Clicks in Makhanda/Grahamstown. However, this is strictly by appointment only. People must still register on the EVDS. Some medical aids are assisting with the booking process at Clicks.
  • What happens if I receive an SMS for my vaccination, and I am not able to make the appointment? Your appointment will be rescheduled.
  • What criteria is being used to determine who gets vaccinated first? People who live closest to the vaccination site will be notified first.
  • Which brand of vaccination will I receive? All over 60s will receive the Pfizer vaccination. This is a 2 part vaccination, the second vaccination is due 6 weeks after the first. You will be notified in each case.
  • What about the roll out for educators? The Johnson and Johnson vaccination, due to be delivered shortly is earmarked for educators at Government Schools. The sites identified for this vaccination roll out are Port Alfred High School and Klipfontein School. Educators will be advised.

Please note that you can expect a queue at the vaccination site. Please bring a snack and something to drink with you as you may have to wait for a while. Please wear a mask, sanitise your hands and adhere to the social distancing rules. There will be signs at the site explaining where you need to go.

If you have any side effects, please report these to a health care facility. You can also use the Med Safety app.

Notice from municipal manager Rolly Dumezweni

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