Support incredible care given to Nemato pets

Port Alfred has an extremely caring community of people, and none so much as a retired nursing sister who is single-handedly making a difference each day to the animals in Nemato.

Shar Coleman goes to Nemato with her bakkie laden with containers of delicious meals consisting of good quality dry food, mixed with meat and gravy.  The dogs run out and greet her with enthusiasm, and Shar has seen puppies that were too weak to move now running and playing.  The focus has been on caring for 70 dogs, 14 cats and two pigs, feeding them and educating the owners about shelter and care.   As a result of the trust gained with the owners, dogs and cats are being surrendered for sterilisation.

The weekly food demand for the 70 dogs is being met by a special arrangement with Liebe Nutrition, Aloe Vera containing dry food that is provided at an amazing price, and delivered in 50kg bags to Shar.  Donors can order in units as low as 1kg for R15, and when aggregated up to 50kg, the bag is delivered by Jo-Anne van Rensburg of Liebe Nutrition at no charge.

Apart from feeding and sterilisation, the general welfare of the animals is also being managed. A wonderful donation of Simparica from Zoetis has meant that each dog has been treated for ticks, fleas and mange.  Donation of blankets from caring individuals has also made a difference to some of the animals’ wellbeing during the cold months, but more are required.

The Port Alfred SPCA is assisting with sterilisations at a special rate, and with the help of benefactors that make payment to the SPCA, over 20 dogs have so  far been sterilised, with another 10 planned for August. This cycle of feeding, checking and arranging sterilisations will have the positive outcome of helping to reduce the ever increasing population of dogs and cats in Nemato.  It has been estimated that one unsterilised female and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in a period of six years!

The pipeline of food and sterilisation funding is being managed by a volunteer, so that Shar is free to focus on the animals.  We need help in keeping this project going, as the needs are becoming increasingly demanding with 120kg of dry food being consumed per week.  Our grateful thanks go to the generous donors who have made this possible.

If you are willing to assist with food and shelter or payment of sterilisations, please contact Sharon on 074-584-1504 for details on how you can make the difference.  Food donations can also be dropped off at at Rugz ‘n Thingz at Rosehill Mall.

Together, we can make a huge impact!


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