Spreading goodwill through the Wonder Women Wave

An idea to honor women in our community started with the collaboration of a few local businesses, Blooming Brilliance, Heart of Diamonds, Kowie Tobacco, Goshawk and Penny Farthing.

Goshawk sponsored the printing of the cards, containing an inspirational message as well as an instruction to pay it forward should you be the recipient of a bunch of flowers. Heart of Diamonds gifted a 20% discount voucher to be redeemed on beauty treatments. Kowie Tobacco ensured that there was something sweet to enjoy with the flowers and donated chocolate bars that are delivered the bouquet. Penny Farthing donated R30 vouchers which can be redeemed for a cappuccino or towards a meal. Blooming Brilliance can be contacted to arrange payment and delivery to a lady who inspires and motivates you.

This initiative will run until the end of August for Women’s Month.

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