Warning to walkers after woman attacked on East Beach

An elderly woman walking two dogs on East Beach was attacked by muggers at about 7.30am this morning.

A resident whose wife came to the assistance of the elderly woman alerted TotT to the incident.

He said it was already over by the time he got there, but there were three police vehicles at the East Beach dunes car park.

The victim was walking along the water’s edge near to where Fountain Rocks is out at sea. She had apparently noticed two men walking behind her, a distance away, so she turned around to head back to the car park. The two men also turned, walking in front of her. Then they attacked her. One was armed with a serrated knife and cut her hand. The men then threw her down and held her head under the water.

It is not clear what happened next. The victim was given assistance by another walker and was taken to hospital.

The resident who alerted TotT said many people like to walk their dogs on the beach in the early morning and should be aware of the danger of walking alone, even if you have dogs with you.

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