Mayor’s message for the end of the year

On behalf of Ndlambe Council, I would want to convey a message of the end of the year to all Ndlambe community members including tourists who are in our shores during this summer holiday.

Mayor Thandiswa Dyakala

I would have wanted to convey this message much earlier than now but the situation was not permitting. Local Government elections and processes that succeeded were a high toll to everyone involved.

This has been a very challenging year in many aspects. That ranges from the challenges that emanated from Covid-19 to service delivery matters. The last minute Court decision on election date caused a lot of stampede on number of issues including deployment of councillors processes by political parties. All of these has inundated my office. Indeed it was a baptism of fire.

First of all Covid-19 has ruined families, economy, education and all spheres of life. Families lost family members who were breadwinners let alone being ratepayers of those households. The ultimate effect of that is many orphaned families who must be assisted through benevolent programmes by those who have the means to contribute. I would therefore call for the various stores to have these trolleys where people can contribute foodstuff especially during this time of the year so that the orphaned and or destitute families can benefit from that. The prerogative and the criteria remains the responsibility of the store as long as a fair distribution will prevail.

Secondly, the municipality has been going through a severe drought which resulted into serious inadequacy of water. It is with regret that such a tragedy occurred. However the municipality has left no stone unturned to mitigate this disaster and those initiatives are starting to yield results. The good rains have also augmented these initiatives. One can only hope that the communication in this regard has reached the potential tourists so that Ndlambe Municipality maintains the status of being the tourist destination of choice. That does not mean we undermine the plight of the full time residents. However it is expected that everyone must use water sparingly as we have not yet pulled out the sting of drought.

Thirdly, our staff strives to render services to the best of their abilities. Sanitation spillages are attended to as soon as possible and where members of the public identify any, one must please inform the Director of infrastructure as soon as possible or the office of the Municipal Manager. Sporadic spillages are expected during this time of the year as our infrastructure is strained or overstretched due to the number of people that have ascended to our areas. However I vouch that officials will speedily attend to same.

Fourthly, it is also my plea that all beach users or swimmers must do so responsible. There are Life Guards in some of our busiest and blue flag beaches. The budget of the municipality does not permit to have all our beaches manned by lifeguards. The bylaws of the municipality with regard to our beaches must be complied with all the time. The generations to come would want to find these natural resources intact.

It is with regret that the development at Krantz/Ntakazilali is still underway. One would have thought that by this festive season the development of this recreation area would have been completed. We fully understand the inconvenience that this has created to both users and the businesses that benefit from the spinoffs of these visits.

I urge everyone to observe the protocol of Covid-19. I persuade all the people who have not vaccinated to do so as soon as possible. Empirical evidence has prevailed during this fourth wave. There are very few death that have occurred to those that are Covid-19 positive. There is no other factor that this can be attributed to except the vaccination of the people.

Lastly, Ndlambe council wishes you a Happy and Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Those that have ascended here are welcomed and must continue to do so in the future. I hope and trust that you will be disciples of marketing our area to those that never spent their holidays in our area.


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