Vaccination protest to take place at Port Alfred High School

Concerned parents and other residents will stage a protest tomorrow (Thursday) against Port Alfred High School being used as a Covid-19 vaccination site for both pupils and family members on Friday.

Before parents were formally informed of the visit by the department of health, word leaked that the school had received a letter to this effect.

A small group of parents opposed to children being given the vaccine and the school being used as a vaccination site obtained permission from Ndlambe Municipality and SAPS to hold a protest across the road from the school entrance.

The initial date of the vaccination visit was changed from January 28 to February 4.

School governing body chair Cindy de Lange confirmed the school had been approached by a group of concerned parents and that the parents had organised a legal protest.

“We understand that the protest is against the department of health and education department and not against Port Alfred High School,” she said.

We protest the vaccination of children and particularly at school without the requirement of parental consent

She said all schools in the area had been assigned as venues by the education department in its cooperation with the health department.

“Our communication with the organisers of the protest have been focused on the safety and security and the non-disruption of the children’s education during this action. The organisers of the protest action have shown a great sensitivity to this in their communication with us. Their intention is for a peaceful demonstration,” De Lange said.

“We respect every person’s right to express their views and welcome the platform for honest, respectful discussion on this issue.”

Resident Mike Varela, who joined the concerned parents, helped compile a memorandum sent to President Cyril Ramaphosa, the ministers of health and basic education and the Eastern Cape MEC for health and the head of department, as well as PAHS principal Nigel Adams.

“We protest the vaccination of children and particularly at school without the requirement of parental consent,” Varela said.

“In our understanding, children have apparently never been significantly at risk from Covid. At least not in the short term that has been observed. Particularly not from the Omicron variant. It is more likely to provide a natural immunity far superior to the vaccine,” he said.

He also disagreed that the vaccine was safe or effective.

“There have been many cases of death, myocarditis and other adverse reactions. As Professor Perronne, formerly of WHO, said in his address to the Luxembourg Parliament, this is not a vaccine. He also said the risk of the vaccine to children is greater than their risk due to Covid.”

He appealed to the government officials to watch the Perronne speech available on

“There is no remaining legitimate purpose for vaccinating children because the other stated reason, that it prevents them transmitting Covid to older people, has been shown to be largely untrue. The vaccination does not prevent transmission. There are lingering arguments of some reduction in transmission, but even if accurate, with the low risk of Omicron, this is not a robust argument.”

Varela has not received a response to the memorandum.

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