Safety alert – new moon spring tide

NSRI and the emergency services have appealed to bathers, boaters, paddlers, sailors, shoreline anglers and coastal hikers to be cautious around the coastline as the new moon Spring tide peaks today (peaking on Saturday during early morning). This means the two daily high tides will be higher than normal and the two daily low tides will be lower than normal. This effect will last into the new week.

The NSRI said their concern was that during these conditions woulkd be taking place during the final weekend of school holidays.

“The coastline will be experiencing the new moon Spring tide during a time where sea conditions are naturally rougher than normal because of winter storms and cold fronts passing over parts of the coastline and deep sea off the South African coastline. R rip currents may be stronger than normal around the coastline,” NSRI spokesperson Craig Lambinon said.

This new moon Spring tide peaks on Saturday 6 July – just after midnight.

The effect that Spring tide has on the coast – causing the two daily high tides to be higher than normal and the two daily low tides to be lower than normal, – would be strongest today and over the remainder of this weekend and then gradually declining in intensity towards the middle and towards the end of next week, Lambinon said.

Spring tides pose a potential hazard to bathers around the coastline – at all times but noticeably especially during the outgoing tide.

“We are urgently appealing to coastal water uses to be cautious during this new moon Spring tide phase and the effect Spring tide has around the coast over this weekend,” Lambinon said.

Rough seas, brought on by winter storms and cold fronts, may contribute to hazardous conditions around the coastline during this Spring tide phase, Lambinon said.

Inland water users are also urged to be cautious bathing, boating and paddling on rivers, lakes and dams where heavy rainfall is forecast for places.

Cold fronts causing heavy rain and rough sea conditions are forecast by SAWS (South African Weather Services) during this weekend and into the new week. The NSRI appealed to the public to follow the SA Weather Service (SAWS) daily forecasts and know the daily tide time tables.

  • Caregivers should ensure that children have responsible adult supervision in and around water.
  • Be aware of coastal hiking trails that can be cut off during high tide.
  • Anglers fishing along the shoreline are urged to keep a safe distance away from the shoreline.
  • Be aware of adverse weather, strong winds, fast flowing rivers and sea currents and drifts.
  • Boaters, paddlers and sailors, should wear life-jackets when their craft are under way. They should carry safety equipment and download and use the free NSRI SafeTrx smartphone app.
  • Do not drive through flooded roadways or cross bridges affected by flooding rivers.