Chasing mills part six

THE STONES TELL STORIES: A vintage mill stone used for making flour, as used to exist in our area

Serendipity with Bev Young

IN 1831 there were 234 watermills, 28 horse mills and six windmills in the Eastern Cape.

I have only found 23, all told. Seemingly, they were nearly all grist mills, the ones with the huge crushing stones.

I am intrigued by historical sources which say there were four mills in Bathurst, between 1830-31 and 1855.

Now I need help. It actually makes sense, as Bradshaw’s Mill, was built for cloth, not flour, and although Cock’s and Mansfield mills, serviced a goodly area, it would not have been sufficient for the number of settlers here. Oh, and there was apparently “one in Shaw Park”?


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