The state of the Port Alfred balancing dam

On Saturday March 23, Talk of the Town went to look at the state of the balancing dam that serves Port Alfred, which is the main storage facility between the Sarel Hayward Dam at Waters Meeting near Bathurst and the water treatment works where water is made “potable” for household use. The dam level is very low, as can be seen by the level markers, the bases of which are completely exposed. Aside from that, the surface of the water is covered with algae. Seven or eight years ago, when the algae became this prolific and there was also a strong vegetation smell in Port Alfred tapwater, Ndlambe municipal workers physically raked the dam surface to remove the algae. It had also clogged the outflow pipe leading to the water treatment works. There is no evidence of municipal intervention to attend to the algae, or pumping to raise the level of the balancing dam, particularly in light of load shedding when pumping becomes impossible for the municipality.


  1. Water crisis in Port Alfred and Kenton on sea will see tourists decrease over time if no strategy in place to fix the crisis over time. That has direct impact on jobs and levels of crime.

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