Do a ‘lockdown clean’ and donate items to charity

Kingswood College is encouraging locals to take part in the “Reduce and Reuse 21 Day Challenge” during the three-week lockdown, to be able to help the less fortunate once the lockdown is over.

This extended time in your homes will give you the opportunity to evaluate what you need, and that which you do not need. It will provide you with the time to do that long overdue “spring clean” or to reorganise or sort through your cupboards and take stock of what may be taking up unneeded space in your homes.

The challenge is simple – For each of the 21 days that we are in lockdown, organise an area in your home and place one item into a black bag/box per day.

After the lockdown is complete, Kingswood has created a space at school to sort through these items so that they can donate them to varying needy charities in the Makhanda (Grahamstown) community.

This is part of the Kingswood Pebble Project, where they hope to turn small actions into waves of change.

To find out where to drop your bags/boxes after the lockdown is lifted please contact: or

If you are part of the bigger Kingswood family, perhaps initiate this project in your community, suburb or city.

Kingswood urges pupils and their families, as well as the greater community to take up this challenge.

The needs of our community at large will be great after this lockdown is over, and together we can make a difference!


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