Global recoveries from coronavirus now exceed active cases

Today was a watershed as globally, the number of recoveries from coronavirus now exceeds the number of active cases.

This mark was already reached in South Africa last week, with recoveries still keeping ahead of active cases.

As of June 3, South Africa’s coronavirus tally is 35,812 cases, of which 18,313 have recovered and 755 have died.

That makes South Africa’s recovery rate 96% compared to 3.96% deaths in closed cases. There are 16,744 active cases, of which 208 are in a serious or critical condition. The remaining 16,536 are in a mild condition, meaning they are more likely to join the ranks of the recovered.

South Africa’s death rate from this virus is 13 people per million.

Compare these to the global figures of 6,474,458 total cases, of which 382,917 have died and 3,083,678 have recovered. Of closed cases the global recovery rate is 89% compared to 11% deaths. Of active cases, 2,953,357 (98%) are in a mild condition and 54,506 (2%) are in a serious or critical condition.

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