Update from Ndlambe Municipality Covid-19 Joint Operations Committee

The Ndlambe Covid-19 JOC team expressed sincere condolences to corporate services director Lazola Maneli Payi and her family on the passing of her husband, Mxolisi Payi.

“Our thoughts are with you at this very difficult time,” the JOC said.

Ndlambe Municipality

As of July 7, there were a total of 242 confirmed cumulative Covid-19 positive cases in Ndlambe. Of these, 141 cases are active, 100 have recovered and there have been two deaths. There is presently a delay in laboratory results, therefore the numbers of positive cases are most likely much higher, the JOC said.

Isolation protocol: There is concern that residents who have tested positive, and those who have been in contact with positive cases are not isolating. This will surely cause the number of infections to spike, and puts others at great risk. An urgent appeal is made to follow the rules:

  1. If you display any symptoms of Covid-19, you are required to be screened.
  2. If you are sent for testing after screening, you are required to self-isolate for 14 days
  3. If your test is returned negative, you may return to work
  4. If your test is confirmed positive, you are required to continue to isolate for a total of 14 days from the date of your original test
  5. If you have come into close contact with anyone who is confirmed positive, you are required to self-isolate for 14 days, even if you are asymptomatic.


If you display any symptoms of coronavirus during this time, you should present yourself at a health care facility for screening and testing and continue to self-isolate. It must be noted that due to the countrywide shortage of test kits, if you are not displaying symptoms of coronavirus, it is unlikely that you will be tested. You will however be requested to self-isolate.

In addition to isolation protocol, everyone should wear a mask covering both nose and mouth when out in public, practice social distancing and hygiene by washing hands with soap and water on a regular basis or sanitising.

Municipal manager Rolly Dumezweni confirmed that there are quarantine facilities available in Ndlambe.


Clinics: The clinics continue to be assisted by the Municipality and are sanitised on a fortnightly basis, or upon demand.

Marjorie Parish Hospital: Nine new staff members have been appointed.

Education and Communication: Regular updated media statements are sent out via social media and the local press. Regular educational radio broadcasts are undertaken at Ndlambe FM. Educational billboards have been erected.


Ndlambe Municipality has been hard hit by Covid-19 with a number of municipal employees testing positive. A comprehensive statement was sent out last week with contact numbers of staff in various municipal department.

After sanitising the offices of the Alfred DLTC Traffic Department, these offices have been opened as from July 8 from 8am to 2pm. The following services will be rendered:

  1. Motor vehicle registration and licencing (Monday to Friday)
  2. Driving licence renewals (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
  3. PrDP applications (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

The public are asked to please be patient as their will be a staggered approach relating to staff, and this may cause delays.


Economic Recovery Think Tank: Collaboration between business and the municipality continues with assistance being given to fast track building plans.


Ubuntu: The role played by the community in assisting vulnerable members of our society is heart-warming, and the mayor wishes to thank each and every person who has donated money, goods, or their time and expertise in this time of crisis. We continue to appeal to members of the public to continue to donate to this fund, managed by Sunshine Coast Tourism. Any queries may be directed to Sandy Birch and Dr Wouter Hensens. The banking details for Sunshine Coast Tourism is: First National Bank (FNB). Port Alfred Branch and account number 62310501350. Reference: Covid19.



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