Recipes to share – Mug ‘Koppie’ Pudding

Mug ‘Koppie’ Pudding

When I was in Standard 3 (now Grade 5) my friend and I found this recipe in one of her mom’s magazines. The two of us made this recipe every time we had a ‘playdate’ for years to come. This pudding is just a simple, ‘I feel like pudding NOW’ type of recipe. The recipe calls for apricot jam, but I’ve used syrup and other types of jams before when I didn’t have apricot jam. You can serve it with ice cream, custard, or just on its own.

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80ml Flour
2ml Baking Powder
30ml Sugar
25g Butter/Marg (Melted)
30ml Milk
1 Egg
30ml Apricot Jam

Put all your dry ingredients in a bowl.
Add your melted butter/marg, milk and egg.
Mix well until smooth batter.
Grease two coffee mugs and divide your apricot jam into the mugs.
Spoon your batter over your jam and cover mugs with plastic wrap.
Place in microwave for 2 minutes on full strength.
Take out and turn each out into a pudding bowl.
Eat straight away.

Enjoy – Anneli

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