SA’s Covid-19 figures: 648,654 recoveries, 51,949 active cases, 19,111 deaths

There are now nearly 600,000 more recoveries than active cases of Covid-19 coronavirus in South Africa, continuing a surge in recoveries that began 14 weeks ago.

South Africa dropped one position to 12th place globally in terms of the number of recorded infections, and recoveries continue to outpace new infections, in spite of a rise in recorded infections.

This reflects the global trend. Globally, recoveries from coronavirus stand at 32.78-million, compared to 1,180,951 deaths.

There are nearly 22-million more recoveries than active cases.

As of October 29, South Africa’s coronavirus tally is 719,714 cases, of which 648,654 have recovered and 19,111 have died.

That makes South Africa’s recovery rate 97.14% compared to 2.86% deaths in closed cases. There are 51,949 active cases, of which just 546 (1%) are in a serious or critical condition. The remaining 51,403 are in a mild condition, meaning they are more likely to join the ranks of the recovered.

South Africa’s death rate from this virus is 321 people per million.

Compare these to the global figures of 44,883,087 total cases, of which 1,180,951 have died and 32,789,168 have recovered. Of closed cases the global recovery rate is 97% compared to 3% deaths. Of active cases, 10,831,399 (99%) are in a mild condition and 81,569 (1%) are in a serious or critical condition.

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SA’s Covid-19 figures: 626,898 recoveries, 51,365 active cases, 18,151 deaths

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