Collection points for water for residents on west and east bank

Ndlambe Municipality will install water tanks at various strategic positions on Port Alfred’s west and east bank for residents to be able to collect water, starting on Monday November 30.

Such water tanks have already been placed and are in use in Nemato and Station Hill.

Ward 10 councillor Ray Schenk sent out a letter this afternoon detailing the collection points for east and west bank residents. He advised that residents will be able to collect water at these points once the tanks have been filled.

  • Kelly’s Beach
  • Broadway street in front of the NG Kerk
  • Corner of Southdowns and Weald Avenue
  • Corner of Atherstone and Southwell Road
  • In front of old market building opposite police station
  • Park Road on island below Port Alfred High School

Water to be shut off 24 hours a day for entire Port Alfred every alternate day

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