TLU SA: Let fuel price reduction reach consumers

Agricultural union TLU SA said it is delighted with the reduction in the price of diesel and petrol that took effect on Thursday January 5, but that the reduction needs to be passed on to consumers.

“Recently, many complaints have been received from members and other farmers regarding the huge price increases in, among other things, fertilisers and various commodities that farmers need to put food on everyone’s table. With further investigation, the increases in fuel prices and transport costs are of the main reasons,” said Henk van de Graaf, TLU SA regional chairman: North and member of TLU SA’s executive committee.

“We want to appeal to our members, farmers and the public to take note of whether certain prices will indeed decrease now that the prices are reduced by about 70 cents per litre. This reduction should be passed on to the consumer. Virtually all essential products used by the consumer have a shelf life of about a week. So, the consumer should be able to feel relief after about a week,” he said.

“TLU SA will pay particular attention to the fact that farmers experience relief at their traditional purchasing points, and we call on companies that are suppliers to the farmers, to indeed pass on the relief, especially since farmers eventually remain price takers, while the high input costs make it difficult to produce more sustainably.”

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