Municipality responds to doubts over water temperature

A visitor to Kelly’s Beach took issue with the posted water temperature of 12.7 degrees Celsius on Monday, saying it could not be that low.

Peter Howard first contacted Talk of the Town by phone, then e-mailed a photo of the signboard on which the daily temperature is written.

“Never in the history of the world is it likely the sea temp at Kelly’s had been as low as 12.7 degrees. Two days ago it was 15.7. Also unrealistically low. Must be putting off tourists,” he said.

Asked to respond, municipal spokesperson Cecil Mbolekwa said: “The Blue Flag lifeguards take the water temperature readings. The temperature reading recorded on 24 January 2022 is indeed correct.

“Due to strong easterly winds over the past few days we have been experiencing an ‘upwelling event’ that result in the water temperature dropping to low temperatures, at times even as low as 10 degrees.”

Mbolekwa said It would be important from “an educational point of view” to find out who told TotT the posted temperature was impossibly low, so that the municipality could explain the “upwelling event” and in so doing create awareness.

TotT forwarded Mbolekwa’s message to Howard, who said: “Oh well, seems the person knows all about it and I defer to superior knowledge. Most extreme event. Better go check for stunned fish.”

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