Looting at Kleinemonde accident site

Hours after an accident that claimed a life on the R72 at Kleinemonde on Tuesday morning, commuters began looting the contents of the truck that veered down an embankment and burst into flame after crashing into a car.

The driver of the car died at the scene, while the truck driver escaped unharmed.

TotT first heard from reader Barry Garth Sonemann on Facebook that looting was taking place.

He said by 5pm on Tuesday recovery workers had just pulled the burnt vehicle out with two large tow trucks.

“The looting was something else,” he said. “Not sure of cargo, but when we passed it at 5pm I saw a few youngsters with boxes carrying things. One car actually pulled over in front of me [and] one jumped out ran towards the scene, so that’s what I suspected was happening. Very sad because life must have been lost.”

Sonemann’s account was confirmed by Kleinemonde resident Colin Ashwell, who took photos of the looting. Ashwell also provided TotT with photos of the accident scene on Tuesday.

“I took these rather blurry shots in the gathering dusk and from afar,” he said.

“These guys were only a few of many looting in full view of all the recovery workers, the traffic cop on standby, police, etc. Even some of the workers employed to move the damaged bits were involved. It was a free-for-all. Not shown is a bakkie loaded to the gunwales with foodstuffs, but by that time it was too dark for a photo. So sad.”

Scenes from horrific accident on R72 at Kleinemonde

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