Making therapy easier for kidney patients

MAN AND MACHINE: Dr Thiecouta Traore, founder of GKRT, with ‘Rose’, one of the newly-installed renal therapy machines in the new Port Alfred branch of the company Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Born in Dakar, the capital of West Africa’s Senegal, Thiecouta Traore was destined to take up an occupation in the medical field, as both his parents were doctors – his mother an anesthesiologist and father a gynaecologist.

“They tried to force me into medicine,” Traore said, “but I resisted becoming a medical doctor.”

Instead, Traore studied and joined medical equipment companies to learn his trade as a medical technician before finally attaining his PhD. Traore specialised in renal devices and realised that the requirement for the treatment for kidney disease was widespread and that he could do something about it.

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