Water restriction amendments for Bathurst

Ndlambe Municipality announced more water restrictions today for Bathurst, which reached Day Zero at the end of December last year when the Golden Ridge Dam ran dry.

Water restrictions were implemented whereby water supply was limited from 6am to 9am every second day, and completely shut off on the days in between, to assist in raising the reservoir levels.

“This plan is still on implementation, though we have witnessed improvement on reservoir levels which now are at about 70%,” municipal manager Rolly Dumezweni said in the notice.

Based on the success rate of this plan which led to improved water levels in the reservoir, from Monday January 25 to Friday January 29 the water supply will be opened every day from 6am to 9am.

“After Friday [January 29] if there are no drastic changes in the reservoir levels the plan will be continued and a statement will be issued as to up to when,” Dumezweni said.

“It must be noted that the improvement of levels in the reservoir does not suggest that drought water challenges in Bathurst are over, the improvement is based on the implemented restrictions.

“The hours of supply may be adjusted dependant on the supply from the Mansfield borehole and the draw down rate. It is critical therefore that water is used very sparingly and excessive use will lead to services being curtailed.  It also must be noted that after load shedding, we experience challenges on the pumps and as a result we lose at least five hours of pumping to the water treatment plant,” he said.

The progress on the implementation of temporary solutions to deal with the current water problem is as follows:

  • Construction of line from boreholes and connection of Mansfield pipeline to the Bathurst Water Treatment Plant has been completed. Additional holding tanks have been installed at Mansfield to store more water in case of electricity disruptions or any other challenges on the borehole.
  • Water trucks are carting water to Bathurst communities and water tanks have been placed to strategic areas.
  • Construction of+-4km pipeline to abstract water from the Lushington River to our Water Treatment Plant, quotations have been received and procurement process is about to be completed. Contractor will be appointed the week of January 25. The construction schedule will be received from that appointed service provider as to when the construction will be completed.

“Communities are urged to adhere to water restrictions and use the little that we have in a responsible manner, unavailability of water affects all of us,” Dumezweni concluded.

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